Petőfi Sándor Community -, Sports Centre and Library

Public education

Our task is to organise the duties of the town linked to public education.

We support the amateur artistic movements (dancing, wind orchestra etc.) of the town and provide rooms and venues for circles, clubs and courses (pensioner club, anglers association, astronomers etc.). We help them with professional advice and observe tender offers.

Our aim is to promote cultural values among all age groups and to widen their knowledge.

We organise our own, local and regional festivals and programmes and offer varied exhibitions.

We help maintain traditions, organise state and family celebrations, weddings.

We make spending free time in a useful way possible offering different cultural and sport facilities and programmes.


Communities and social space

Our social space admits local self-organised groups, the town's festivals, programmes of local institutions and companies, and political, social, medical events.


Our roots

1869. Casino
1894. Civil Book Club
1903. Catholic Men's Association
1904. Library of the Craftsmen's Association
1924. State Civil School's library, artistic work
1954. Foundation of the Public Library and Community Centre

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Márk Rosarium - Acsád

MÁRK GERGELY, a legnagyobb magyar rózsanemesítő több mint 700 fajtáját bemutató, látogatható gyűjteményes kert került kialakításra Acsádon.